Served Thursday through Sunday from 7am-10:30am

CINNAMON ROLL PLATE Two ooey, gooey piping hot cinnamon rolls smothered with icing –  $6

SCREAMIN’ CHICKEN BISCUIT Our famous fried chicken sits on a delicious homemade buttermilk biscuit bed. Served with a side of tater hash and our spicy screamin’ honey. It’s picante y’all!  – $8

HOMEMADE BUTTERMILK BISCUITS AND GRAVY  Our daily, made from scratch buttermilk biscuits get smothered in our favorite Southern pepper gravy – $6

~Make it a meal and add our traditional breakfast sausage crumbles and two eggs* cooked to order! – $9

AVOCADO TOAST   Take a walk on the lighter side with this California dream. Sourdough toast slices are topped with fresh avocado slices, Pico de Gallo, and house pickled onions. We top it with tangy queso fresco cheese. – $9

~ Go loco and add two eggs* cooked to order! – $11

MOLLETES An open-faced Mexican sandwich classic! Traditional bolillo bread is topped with our house-made refried black beans and melted Colby jack cheese. We add fresh avocado slices and Pico de Gallo with a sprinkle of queso fresco cheese. – $9

~ Make it a fiesta and add two eggs* with either applewood smoked bacon or breakfast sausage  – $11

SOUTHWESTERN BREAKFAST BURRITO  Large flour tortilla grilled and stuffed with scrambled eggs, Pico de Gallo, chorizo sausage, refried black beans and Colby jack cheese. Served with a side of house-made roasted tomato salsa. – $8

MOSS ROCK BURRITO Grilled stuffed burrito filed with scrambled eggs, tater hash, Colby jack cheese, and your choice of applewood smoked bacon or breakfast sausage. Served with a side of roasted tomato salsa. – $8

AMERICANO SANDWICH Made especially for our Gringo friends! Sourdough bread meets fluffy scrambled eggs, melted American cheese, and your choice of applewood smoked bacon or breakfast sausage patties. Toasted until golden for all of your breakfast sandwich dreams come true! – $8

FLAP JACKS Three fluffy, dreamy, made from scratch, buttermilk pancakes served with warm maple syrup.  $6

BIG JACKS  Our Flap Jacks served two eggs* cooked to order and applewood smoked bacon or breakfast sausage – $9

THE SOUTHERN PLATE Two eggs* cooked to order served with your choice of applewood smoked bacon or breakfast sausage patty, sourdough toast or homemade buttermilk biscuit, and stone ground grits or tater hash – $10

DESAYUNO RANCHERO  Our version of breakfast fajitas that honors the rancheros of the old world. Two eggs scrambled with chorizo Mexican sausage and served with tater hash, sauteed peppers & onions, refried black beans, and queso fresco cheese. Finish with your bread of choice, however, we recommend our locally made corn tortillas from Blount County! – $10

MI PUEBLO  Step it up a notch with this chef’s favorite! Two eggs scrambled Southwestern-style with Pico de Gallo and served with carne asada steak, tater hash, and your choice of sourdough toast, homemade buttermilk biscuit or locally made corn tortillas. – $12

BREAKFAST BOWL Our big, hearty bowl of all your breakfast favorites! Start with a heaping mound of either stone-ground grits or tater hash and two eggs* cooked to order. We top it with Colby jack cheese and your choice of applewood smoked bacon or breakfast sausage patties. – $10


Kid’s Pancake – one fluffy pancake served with warm maple syrup and choice of Honest Juice Box  – $3

Kid’s Breakfast Sandwich – grilled cheese served with tater hash and choice of Honest Juice Box – $4

Kid’s Breakfast Plate – scrambled egg, bacon or sausage, biscuit or toast and choice of juice box  – $5


Proudly serving DAYSOL Coffee Lab – Gratitude Blend – freshly ground Ethiopian/Columbian beans $2.25

Orange Juice   $3 / Whole Milk   $3 / Honest Kid’s Juice Box   $1.75


Mimosa – a breakfast classic of orange juice and champagne – $6

Moss Rockin’ Bloody Mary – slightly spicy, always delicious!  – $7

Irish Coffee – traditional recipe with Bushmill’s Irish whiskey and house made whip cream – $7


Served Sunday through Saturday from 11 am-9 pm


CHICHARRÒNES freshly fried pork skins topped with tajin  –$3.50

THE SALSA SAMPLER million peso queso & fire-roasted tomato salsa w/ choice of pico de gallo or tomatillo salsa verde (add guacamole/pineapple-mango salsa for $2) – $9.95

MILLION PESO QUESO add chorizo, carnitas or seasoned ground beef for $2.50  – large $7.95 small $5.95


GUACAMOLE made fresh daily & topped w/ love – large $8.50 small $5.50

PINEAPPLE MANGO SALSA pineapple, mango, jalapeño, onion & bell pepper large – $7.50 small $5.50

PICO DE GALLO tomato, red onion, cilantro, jalapeño & fresh lime juice large – $4.50 small $2.50

ROCK NACHOs crispy tortilla chips, million peso queso, seasoned ground beef & pickled jalapeños – half $5.95 whole $8.95

BOULDER NACHOS million peso queso, grilled corn, black beans, ground beef, pico, jalapeños, queso fresco & Peruvian chilis – half $6.95 whole  $9.95

NACHO TOTS AMIGO tater tots smothered in million-peso queso, topped w/ Peruvian chilis, your choice of pork carnitas, chorizo or seasoned ground beef  – large $7.95 small $5.95

CHICKEN CHIMI ROLLS house-made & stuffed w/ black beans, pico, cheddar, adobo chicken served w/ side of cilantro lime crema –$7.99

GRILLED STREET CORN cilantro-lime crema, queso fresco, Peruvian chili & fresh lime  – $4.50

SCREAMING WINGS chef’s special house-made habanero hot sauce – $7.95

MRTT WINGS tossed w/ chimichurri & drizzled w/ honey – $7.95

ADOBO WINGS tossed w/ adobo sauce –  $7.95


Add: chicken $3.50 | pork carnitas $3.50 | chorizo $3.50 | steak $5.50 | shrimp $6.50 | tuna $7.50

TACO SALAD crispy tortilla bowl, ground beef, shredded iceberg, blended cheese, pico de gallo, cilantro-lime crema, & pineapple mango salsa – $7.95

VEGETARIAN SALAD crispy tortilla bowl, shredded iceberg, guacamole, shredded cheese, Peruvian chilis,

grilled corn, black beans, pico, cilantro-lime crema, & pineapple mango salsa –   $6.95


Served w/ a side of chips & salsa. No substitutions.

ALOHA BURRITO adobo chicken, refried black beans, Mexican rice, pineapple mango salsa, red onion, sliced avocado & Peruvian chilis. served w/ cilantro-lime crema & adobo sauce  – $8.00

GRINGO BURRITO seasoned ground beef, Mexican rice, queso. lettuce available on request – $8.00


Served w/ a side of chips & house-made salsa.

cheese $6.00 |veggie black beans, grilled corn, red onion & sliced avocado $7.00 |carne asada steak $9.00 |chicken $8.00


Choice of protein w/ sautéed peppers & onion, lettuce, cheese, pico, sour cream. Served w/ Mexican rice & refried black beans.

steak $15.95 |chicken $12.95 |shrimp $15.95 |pick two $16.95


Two tacos served w/ seasoned rice & refried black beans on your choice of flour or corn tortilla.  No substitutions.

Adobo Chicken adobo marinated, chargrilled w/ onions, chipotle crema & cilantro $8.50 (a la carte: $3.00)

Buffalo Chicken house-made screaming buffalo sauce, bleu cheese & queso fresco $8.95 (a la carte: $3.50)

Carnitas slow-cooked pork w/ oranges & garlic, topped w/ white onions, tomatillo salsa & cilantro  $8.50 (a la carte: $3.00)

Barbacoa slow-braised richly spiced beef topped w/ pico de gallo, diced onions & cilantro  $8.50 (a la carte: $3.50)

Carne Asada marinated & grilled steak, pickled red onions & cilantro, topped with harissa sauce $9.95 (a la carte: $3.50)

Chorizo classic, locally sourced Mexican sausage topped w/ diced onions & cilantro $8.50 (a la carte: $3.00)

Gringo Beef seasoned ground beef, lettuce, pico de gallo, onions & shredded cheese $8.00 (a la carte: $2.50)

Vegetarian avocado, grilled corn, pico de gallo, queso fresco, onions, & cilantro $7.50 (a la carte: $2.50)

Shrimp fried or grilled gulf shrimp, pineapple mango salsa, cilantro-lime crema & tajin  $9.00 (a la carte: $3.50)

Pescado fresh gulf fish fried or grilled, poblano slaw, pineapple mango salsa & cilantro lime crema $9.50 (a la carte: $4.50)

Ahi Tuna poblano slaw, avocado wedge, adobo sauce & cilantro lime crema $11.00 (a la carte: $5.50)


Served w/ a side of tater tots. Add bacon $1.

MOSS HOG BURGER grilled bun, burger, pico, pickled red onion, chipotle adobe sauce, topped with manchego cheese   $9.99

ADOBO BBQ PORK SANDWICH grilled bun, carnitas (pork) adobo BBQ sauce, poblano slaw, pickled jalapeños  $9.99

FAJITAS BURGER grilled bun, burger, pico, grilled pepper and onion, cheese dip  $9.95

CALIENTE (HOT) BURGER grilled bun, burger, fried pickled jalapeños, blue cheese topped with screaming wing sauce $10.95

AMERICANO grilled bun, burger, Colby-jack cheese, smoked bacon, tomato and lettuce  $10.95

VEGGIE BURGER grilled bun, single Morningstar Farms vegan burger, red onion, tomato and lettuce $10.95



Kid’s Pancake – one fluffy pancake served with warm maple syrup and choice of Honest Juice Box  – $3

Kid’s Breakfast Sandwich – grilled cheese served with tater hash and choice of Honest Juice Box – $4

Kid’s Breakfast Plate – scrambled egg, bacon or sausage, biscuit or toast and choice of juice box  – $5


seasoned rice $3.00 | refried black beans $3.00

poblano lime slaw $3.00 | tater tots $3.50

fresh sliced avocado $4.00


churro bread pudding $5.95 (a la mode with popsicle add $1.00)

sopapillas drizzled w/ honey $2.50

la paleta (popsicle) $2.00


Moss Rockarita – $8

Fresh squeezed limes & agave nectar. Enjoy this classic frozen or on the rocks.

 Prickly Pear Rockarita – $8

Sweet pink unique margarita.

The Wild Rockarita – $8

Grapefruit jalapeño margarita with just the right kick.

Strawberry Champagne Rockarita – $8

Strawberries, champagne, tequila, lime juice & agave deliver a refreshing sparkling taste.

Watermelon Rockarita – $8

A summer classic with fresh muddled watermelon

El Pastorita – $8

A refreshing pineapple & cilantro margarita inspired by a classic pork dish.

The Fuego-rita – $8

Sweet blackberries & spicy jalapeños come together to make the perfect ’rita.

The Trophy Esposa – $8

Our classic margarita, just skinnier.

Mexican Burro – $8

Our tequila take on a Moscow Mule.

Coconut Rockarita – $9

Tropical twist on the classic margarita made with 1800 Coconut & fresh pineapple juice.

All margaritas feature Jose Cuervo Tradicional unless otherwise specified.


Domestic – $3


Bud Lite

Coors Light

Michelob Ultra

Miller Lite

Miller High Life $2

Import – $4.50

Modelo Especial

Negra Modelo



Corona Light

Corona Premier





Dos XX Equis

Dos Equis XX Amber


Changes frequently based on season and availability. Ask your server for current selection.